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The   Bedford Town   Band   is   the   premier   band   in   the area   of   Bedford.      The   band   enters   about   three contests   each   year   and   currently   plays   in   the   First Section    of    the    London    and    Southern    Counties Region.      (The   photograph   right   shows   the   band performing    at    the    March    2017   Area    Contest    in Stevenage.) The     Town     Band     have     appointed     both    Andy Kershaw    and    Phil    Judge    as    Musical    Directors.      Both    these    conductors    have    worked    with    band before    the    band    is    pleased    to    work    with    them once more.
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Sunday Afternoon at the Bandstand in Bedford Established in 1894 Registered Charity Number 1173181  Bedford Town Band 2017 Area Contest
Bedford   Town   Band   has   a   varied   calendar   of   events   comprising traditional   bandstand   concerts   at   the   picturesque   bandstand   by   the riverside   in   Bedford,   formal   concerts   in   a   variety   of   venues   in   the area,   performing   at   Bedford   Proms   in   the   Park,   concerts   in   the iconic    Bedford    Corn    Exchange    with    choral    groups    and    youth orchestras,    Whit    Friday    Marches    and    the    playing    of    carols    at Christmas. Bedford    Town    Band    is    a    self    funding    organisation    and    is    not sponsored   by   any   commercial   company.      The   band   welcomes   new players;   there   are   no   auditions   but   players   are   expected   to   be   of   a competent standard.  (See the Vacancies tab.) For further information, email:
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