Progress Brass - All Saints Church Fete, Kempston.
Progress Brass
Progress   Brass   has   a   dual   role.      It   is   the   training   band   for   new   players   and one   in   which   older   members   can   still   enjoy   the   pleasure   of   playing   in   a group.      There   is   very   much   a   family   feeling   within   the   band   and   rehearsals are   fun.   The   aim   of   this   band   is   to   provide   a   training   ground   for   new players   where   they   can   then   progress   into   Concert   Brass   and   eventually the Town Band The   band   is   ably   led   by   Clive   Reeves,   Clive   has   had   a   vast   experience   in music,   he   spent   25   years   in   the   Band   of   HM   Welsh   Guards   -   20   years   as Principal    Trombone.        After    leaving    the    army,    Clive    worked    as    brass specialist    at    John    Myatt’s    of    Hitchin.        He    now    works    for    Luton    Music Service as a Brass Peripatetic Teacher. Clive   is   very   patient   and   through   his   gentle   encouragement   the   band   is flourishing.   Progress   Brass   is   boosted   from   time   to   time   by   members   of Concert   Brass   who   also   come   along   to   encourage   the   younger   members of the band or to just enjoy the social atmosphere of the group.
Age   is   no   handicap,   there   are   youngsters   of   8   just   learning   to play   a   brass   instrument;   teenagers   having   lessons   at   school but   enjoying   playing   in   an   ensemble;   adults   who   played   an instrument   in   their   youth   and   want   to   revive   the   experience and pensioners who have played all their life. Progress   Brass   appear   at   several   village   or   school   summer fêtes   to   provide   background   music.      A   couple   of   times   a   year Progress   Brass   share   a   concert   venue   with   either   the   Town Band   or   Concert   Brass   where   they   can   experience   playing   to larger    audiences    and    are    involved    at    Christmas    time    in playing carols in various venues in the town.
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New    players    are    always    welcome    of    whatever    standard.        A    basic knowledge   of   the   instrument   and   musical   notation   is   preferred   but   we also run a scheme of tuition for complete beginners on Monday evenings. if you would like to join us, contact the Band Managers:    Click here to find out more about our Tuition Scheme
Brass Academy
Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday Party - Organised by Christchurch in the Devon Park Orchard.  12th June 2016.
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Bedford    Town    Band    takes    the    issue    of    child    protection    seriously    and    operates    a    safeguarding    policy    for    any    children    and vulnerable   adults   who   attend   rehearsals   and   perform   with   the   band.      All   band   managers   and   conductors   have   undertaken   a   DBS check.      The   issue   of   safeguarding   is   more   likely   to   be   relevant   for   The   Academy,   Progress   and   Concert   Brass.      A   copy   of   the Safeguarding Policy is available by clicking here.
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