Concert Brass - Wrest Park Silsoe 20th August 2017
Concert Brass
Bedford   Town   Concert   Brass   was   formed   in   1999   in   an   attempt   to   provide   an   intermediate   band   between   the   Town   Band   and   what   at   the time   was   a Training   Band.      Members   of   the Town   Band   who   had   no   desire   to   contest   and   the   more   proficient   from   the Training   Band   came together   as   Concert   Brass.      A   few   years   earlier   the   band   was   fortunate   to   receive   money   from   the   National   Lottery   to   purchase   new instruments, this helped in the formation of the new band. We are directed by Colin Randall, a very talented musician and member of the Town Band.  .
Established in 1894 Registered Charity Number 1173181  Bedford Town Band
Photograph courtesy of Paul Bloomfield
Concert    Brass    is    generally    a    band    in    which    its    members    are    not particularly   interested   in   playing   in   contests   but   just   play   for   enjoyment of playing in an ensemble.  Age   is   not   taken   into   consideration   when   joining   -   we   have   had   players who   are   still   at   school   and   players   in   a   variety   of   age   ranges   with   the oldest   being   in   their   80s.      We   have   a   few      teenagers   who   are   proficient in   playing   instruments.      They   join   in   order   to   improve   their   skills   by playing   in   an   ensemble.      The   teenagers   will   often   continue   to   play   with Concert   Brass   until   moving   on   to   universities   or   moving   up   into   the Town   Band.      Consequently   there   are   often   vacancies   and   opportunities for   new   players.     There   are   no   auditions   but   the   band   would   expect   new members to be reasonably proficient players.  New   members   are   always   welcome,   a   lack   of   owning   an   instrument may   not   be   a   problem   as   there   is   a   possibility   that   any   new   members may be loaned an instrument subject to availability. Contact the Band Mangers by email:
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