Established in 1894 Bedford Town Band
Bedford Town Band is a brass band located in Bedford, UK. We have three bands within the band family - Town Band, Concert Brass and Progress Brass accommodating players of all abilities and in addition, we have a ten piece group, Decibels. All bands rehearse at the Meeting Rooms of the Bunyan Meeting Church, in Mill Street, Bedford.  To find us, please see the Rehearsals page for more information and a map. We are currently looking for new players for all three of our the bands and we always welcome new members to join us.  Please see the Vacancies page for more detailed information. Do you or your children wish to learn a brass instrument?  We run a Brass Academy - a tuition scheme where complete beginners can take up this life time hobby.  Please click on the ‘About Us > Brass Academy link to find out more.
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Photographs courtesy of Paul Bloomfield
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Forthcoming Event: Sat 22nd October  -  Town Band          Promenade Concert Bunyan Meeting Church, Mill Street, Bedford. MK40 3EU         7.30pm  
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A formal concert - The Festival of the Assumption - Mqabba.
Festival of Assumption, Mqabba, Malta
Click Here Floodlit Bedford Bridge - taken by Matt Sewell
An   early   and   excellent   quality   photograph   (date   unknown)   of The   Town   Band   (Bedford   Town   Silver   Prize   Band)   as   marked on   the   drum   which   we   still   have   in   our   store.      If   anyone   can name   any   member   please   get   in   touch   using   the   webmaster link below.  Photograph supplied by Peter Vardy. Click on it to enlarge
Much Respected Bedford Town Band Member Loses Battle Against Cancer Roger Nicholls, a very well respected member of the band, finally lost his fight for life on Saturday 1st October. Roger   played   with   both   the   Town   Band   and   Concert   Brass.      M usic   was   a   fundamental   part   of   Roger’s   life,   not   just brass   banding,   but   folk   and   country   music   as   well.      He   was   an   accomplished   accordion   player   within   his   group      - ‘The Orange and Blue’ and has been known to play solos on the accordion at concerts with Concert Brass. 
Roger   was   passionate   about   training   youngsters   and   for   many   years   led and   conducted   our   Training   Band   which   in   1999   eventually   became   Concert Brass.        Again,    Roger    conducted    this    group    for    several    years,    even composing and arranging music particularly for them. Composing   and   arranging   became   quite   a   talent   and   our   band   library   now contains   many   of   his   pieces.      One   of   the   last   band   engagements   that   Roger was    involved    in    organising    was    ‘An    Evening    with    Pam    Rhodes’    at    St Andrew’s   Church   in   Bedford.      Roger   had   arranged   all   the   hymns   that   were played by the band which ironically took place on the day he passed away. The   band   will   be   playing   at   Roger’s   funeral,   1.00pm   31st   October   at   St Andrew’s   Church   Kimbolton   Road,   Bedford   where   they   will   play   some   of   his arrangements   and   some   of   his   compositions.         He   will   be   sorely   missed   not only   by   all   our   band   members   but   his   many   friends   from   other   aspects   of   his life.
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